Quicken 27.1

Manages money, investments and tracks credit card activity
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Intuit Inc.

Imports credit card bank transactions, shows the flow of your money and automatically sorts transactions. Provides support in arranging your bills and helping you organize your investments, planning a business or making a budget plan, or plans for regular spendings and so on.

If you ever wanted to find an efficient and convenient way to manage your personal finances, Quicken 2009 is the answer you were looking for. With this easy to use personal finance software, you can take charge of their spending and their life.

Quicken 2009 makes it easy to manage your finances and you can see all your information in one place, so you get an overview that helps you keep track of your expenses. Put savings targets and then perform a monthly analysis of your finances to see how much you're really saving. Keep track of your bills to control what has been paid and which are being overcome. Also, add reminders to your Google Calendar or Outlook to not forget to make payments. Quicken 2009 Deluxe simplifies tax preparation, as it helps you maximize all possible deductions and allows you to export your financial information directly into Turbo Tax (not included). With the prospects that will get your finances, you will find new forms of savings and can spend more money on things you and your family want.

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  • budget effective
  • Includes video tutorials


  • Learning curve is longer than I expected, maybe due to the amounts of functions it has
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